Story Pitch Short Course

Do you freeze or stumble over your words when people ask what you do?

You're not alone. Many business owners I’ve worked with feel the same way.

Imagine having an elevator pitch that captivates your audience and makes them eager to learn more. You can learn to tell a concise story that clearly communicates what you do and showcases the transformation your business brings.

Leverage the power of story to create the most profitable elevator pitch you’ll ever write.

Clarify Your Marketing Message

Over 5 days, I’ll teach you how to use the power of story through a proven framework to craft the most profitable elevator pitch you’ve ever written.

This powerful, repeatable message will get people asking more about what you do and can be shared online, in person, and anywhere you talk about your business.

What's included?
In this 5-day short course, you'll learn to craft a game-changing story pitch that:
Clearly articulates the problem your ideal customer experiences.
Highlights exactly how you solve that problem.
Demonstrates the benefits that result from working with you.
Leverages everyday conversations to grow you business.