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Your mission deserves a marketing strategy that delivers.

We help impact-driven small business entrepreneurs, coaches and nonprofits level up their marketing and become difference makers by telling their better story.

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Sustainable marketing

What if your marketing didn't need to be so complicated?

Your brand story matters. Because when the story isn't clear, customers don't pay attention.

It's easy to let the details overwhelm you. But your marketing doesn't have to be rocket science, and you don't necessarily need to do all the new trending things. There's a better way.

You'll get powerful results from telling a compelling story and effectively executing the essentials. We take the stress of designing and building a marketing strategy off your plate so you can focus on helping people and making an impact.

We help double-bottom-line entrepreneurs tell their story well, so they can grow their impact.

the better story  Process
Marketing Focus Session

Book a Focus Session

During a Focus Session we'll sketch out the challenges you're facing, and then identify and prioritize strategies to address them.

Path to sustainable marketing

Map your path to sustainable marketing

The Better Story Path includes writing your brand story, integrating it into a focused marketing strategy that automates telling the story.

Marketing Strategy

Implement a strategy that makes a difference

You'll not only have a clear and focused marketing strategy, but the tools and resources you need to leverage that strategy into making an impact.

Better Story Marketing Testimonials

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Scott Elequin
Executive Director
@ Switchboard

David possesses a rare talent for conceptualizing and implementing branding strategies that not only capture the essence of an organization's mission but also resonate profoundly with its target audience. His approach to branding goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is about creating a narrative that engages, informs, and inspires. This is particularly evident in his ability to distill complex concepts into clear, compelling, and visually impactful presentations and messages.

In addition to his technical skills, David is a pleasure to work with. He brings a blend of professionalism, creativity, and positivity to every project. His ability to collaborate seamlessly with teams, coupled with their willingness to go above and beyond, is highly commendable.

We were building a stellar product, but storytelling was a challenge.

David stepped in, came up with the perfect name and crafted all marketing assets for our launch. A year on, we're scaling up, still thriving on the foundation David laid.

the better story Path

A clear path to marketing that drive impact

It's important you know what's happening in each phase of the Better Story Marketing Process. You should never have to wonder about what the next step is or what our team is working on for you.

We'll make sure you have just what you need in every phase. Here's what the process looks like

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Write your brand story.

We'll access you current messaging from your website, social media and anything else you'd like to provide. Then we'll facilitate a brand story session with your team to create a brand script.

Our team will take all this and create a messaging framework that will serve as a guide for marketing and communication for years to come.

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Integrate your story into a focused marketing strategy.

With the messaging guide in hand, we work with you to clarify and updated buyers journey so it's clear the steps prospects take to become customers and fans.

We'll build out a customized content strategy to use across various channels to intentionally engage you audience at each stage of their journey.

At the same time we'll update your website to help your customers find what their looking for faster

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Automate telling the story.

The ongoing work of marketing and communication can get overwhelming quickly which is why automation is a game changer.

We will design a series of marketing automations to make the customer journey feel seamless.

Small business
marketing checklist

Are you confident about what's in your marketing tool box?

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Who is better story marketing?

We want to help you make an impact.

Running a small business or nonprofit is a lot of work.

We get it. Most of us run our own small business, or two. 😅 We understand the daily demands as well as the marketing needs for sustainable growth.

We know that leading a nonprofit or as an entrepreneur means you don’t have extra time and often don't feel confident navigating they bewildering array of possible marketing activities.

We've worked for global nonprofits, as solopreneurs and many of spaces in between. Each member in the collective has deep well developed talents combined with broad and diverse skillsets.

We love working with mission-driven entrepreneurs, coaches and nonprofits, because you are all working to make a difference and make an impact. That's why we've developed a system to help you tell your story effectively.

You have a better story to tell. A story of change and transformation. Whether its transformation of an individual, a technology or a community, it's a story of creating a better future.

We want to help you to tell that story.

a small business owner making critical adjustments

Get a Custom Marketing Plan that Grows Your Business.

You need a marketing plan that you feel confident in. Take the 10-minute assessment, and you'll get a FREE, customized marketing plan that will generate more revenue for your business.

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