How we helped launch a ministry startup with global impact.

How we helped launch a ministry startup with global impact.
How we helped launch a ministry startup with global impact.
Jan 2023 - Oct 2023

New Leads


Distinct Marketing Funnels

Words count. The question is, how do you narrate a fresh tale of innovation? This was the hurdle faced by Switchboard, a nonprofit startup in Austin, TX. Together, we tackled the BrandScript, and then I guided them in creating their company name, logo and website design. To kickstart their journey, I crafted numerous lead magnets, email campaigns, and in-depth content.

Challenge they were facing

Switchboard was a ministry startup with an amazing idea to connect believer with skills to ministry needs around the world. At the time they were using the name Tentmakers Network and were more focused on building the product than the marketing.

They had a website but it was more of a placeholder. The primary problem was the message wasn't clear so people didn't take action.

A key challenge they were facing was speaking simultaneously to three distinct audience:

  1. Donors
  2. Volunteers
  3. Missionaries

Our Solution

We worked with their team to choose the name Switchboard, build a marketing strategy they could implement and then create all the branding and marketing assets.

Here is some of the work we did.

  • Logo Design + Style Guide
  • Messaging Framework
  • Designed and Built a New Website
  • Created Pillar Content
  • Lead Generators + Email Campaign
  • Social Media Templates
  • Sales Scripts

Most of our content and designs were created and delivered with the intent that the Switchboard team could edit and adapt them as needed.


With a strong branding and marketing foundation in place they continue to grow and expand. They are partnering with multiple global nonprofits and serving missionaries worldwide.

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