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The Better Story Marketing Process

A clear path to your goals

Write your brand story.

We'll access you current messaging from your website, social media and anything else you'd like to provide.

Then we'll facilitate a brand story session with your team to create a brand script.

Our team will take all this and create a messaging framework that will serve as a guide for marketing and communication for years to come.

Integrate your story into a focused marketing strategy.

With the messaging guide in hand, we work with you to clarify and updated buyers journey so it's clear the steps prospects take to become customers and fans.

We'll build out a customized content strategy to use across various channels to intentionally engage you audience at each stage of their journey.

At the same time we'll update your website to help your customers find what their looking for faster

Automate telling the story.

The ongoing work of marketing and communication can get overwhelming quickly which is why automation is a game changer.

We will design a series of marketing automations to make the customer journey feel seamless.

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